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Naturally sweet, low calories, rich in vitamins and water, Peach is perfect for people do not want to give up beauty and taste.
Considered Summer Fruit par excellence, Watermelon is also one of the most popular Cremamore gelato taste.
Lime flavour is prepared with fresh squeezed limes so that it is natural and foremost is a good source of vitamin C.
A fresh, clean and lightly fragrant taste made of squeezed lemons, sugar and water.
According to the traditional Italian recipes our banana taste is made without milk and cream, only basic ingredients for a pure taste.
No preservatives no colourings, only strawberries … taste it and you will find the difference.
Sweet and ripe mangos for a delicious low-fat gelato flavour.
Exotic and natural our Pineapple taste is one of the freshest and most low-fat flavour produced everyday by Cremamore.
Apple and caramello
The natural taste of apples combined with the fragrance of caramello for a unique taste.
Extra-dark Chocolate Sorbet
For the lovers of the most intense chocolate flavour, Cremamore created Extra-dark Chocolate Sorbet, no Cream and milk inside for an extraordinarily persistent flavour.