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CremAmore is the Gelato made with the basic rules of the
Italian homemade tradition with fuits, milk and cream.
Not an Ice Cream, but a Gelato, low in fat (zero for fruit
tastes), full of taste and healthy and natural ingredients.

A perfect substitute for a lunch, light and , at the same
time, filling and full of vitamins, proteins and the right
amount of natural sugar.

The right delicious break for a moment of indulgency. For
a caring mother, for a playing kid and for a businesman
with little time, but a taste for life.

Beside Gelato, the caffe completes the image of
Italian life Style. Coffee is also an Italian product par excellence!
CremAmore prepares it in all the different variations:
expresso, cappuccino, marocchino, cold coffee and in
combination with the Gelato: milk shake, affogato (coffee
with cream Gelato), granite. A small selection of pastry and bakery products, simple
but greedy creates the complete experience of the CAFFE
ITALIANO ideal for breakfast and snacks.